Purchase is inclusive of:
- 5 Digital Modules.
- the Hair Bloom Kit featuring all of our products.
- 3 Support Sessions With A licensed Natural Hair Expert. 

get certified

Participants will earn  - 

the Texture Positive   certification...

Upon passing the Texture Positive assessment with an 80% or higher score.  

***This is a digital workshop. No cancellations or refunds will be accepted after purchase. 

Our Natural Hair Workshop is a digital workshop with unlimited access to the digital modules, allowing Hairstylists to learn natural hair while remaining employed so they aren’t losing money.

Disclaimer: The workshop is open to everyone however, to book Hairstyling jobs and work on actual clients you must have a valid state issued Cosmetology License.

The workshop consists of 5 individual digital modules. Each module focuses specifically on curly and coily hair textures through comprehensible natural haircare and styling tutorials hosted by a licensed and professional Natural Hairstylist using Youma’s Beauty products. We even feature a sensitivity training to combat anti Black racism and natural hair discrimination .

what you learn

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