About Youma


The mission at Youma's Beauty is to combat Natural Hair Discrimination through premium hair products and comprehensible Natural Hair education.Youma along with many young African American Women during young adult years experience severe hair damage due to societies discriminatory standard of beauty. Hair Bloom Oil was created in 2016 as the signature deep conditioning oil launching Youma's Beauty. It helps to restore damaged hair due to heat and chemicals. 

As a former Professional Fashion Model Youma continuously experienced Hairstylists on set who did not have the skills to style Natural Hair. Through filming her documentary "The Natural Hair Struggle In Fashion", She learned Natural Hair is not taught in Beauty Schools so, Youma created Youma's Natural Hair Workshop. A sensitivity and technical training Workshop where Hairstylists finally have the opportunity to learn natural hair from natural hair experts to expand their careers while combating natural hair discrimination. 

Youma's Beauty expanded into Africa as of 2021. Our products are now available in Mali, West Africa and shipping to all 54 countries in Africa is available .

Youma offers Business and Modeling consultations to save you years of making mistakes and connect you with the right tools, resources and people to advance you . To invest in knowledge that will benefit in your future, click here: https://calendly.com/youmasbeauty. When not working on Youma's Beauty, Youma spends her time advocating Black Rights to her Tiktok audience:  https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe24H5w3/